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Online Payment for Sports Predictions

For Football or Tennis predictions you can select SILVER OR GOLD Membership and proceed further. For Cricket you can choose Membership for Toss (i.e. Toss Silver or Toss Star) & also for Test Prediction you can choose the (Test Silver, Test Gold or Test Star Membership) Rest other charges are for the T20 & ODI Membership. Also don’t forget to add Required Toss or Required Match prediction (applicable for any sport event, in case you forgot to mention then you can confirm with us on phone or email to get the prediction of subscribe event.

Now you can also subscribe for the Day/Week & Monthly memberships for all other sports except cricket.

Which Membership is right for me?

If you want predictions for multiple events in a day, week or month then you can choose Sports Membership for more details check this link Sports Membership

If you want Single Prediction for any sport or Cricket Prediction then you can check this link for the membership details Regular Membership 

You can make an online payment through Paypal, if you have any question or made the payment then you can contact us on 91-7276890268.

Required TOSS Prediction
Required MATCH Prediction

After successful online Paypal payment you can sign up and login into your account. Incase, you have made successful payment and unable to login due to any technical reason you can contact us on 91-7276890268 or mail us

If you have made an offline payment you will get the account details by admin.